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General Objective

The aim is to provide basic and intermediate musical training by fostering the social inclusion of children and adolescents living in situations of social risk. This is done in a space of reference and participation, affective relations and respect helping to expand their cultural exchanges, to access new knowledge and experiment the participation in public life.

Specific objectives

  • Develop skills specific to voice or instruments through individual and group practice
  • Develop perceptive, movement and expressive skills
  • Learn to perform Brazilian popular music
  • Experience and learn a range of international popular music
  • Provide collective music practice
  • Favor access to schools of musical deepening
  • Present musical shows in the community and in cultural events of the region
  • Facilitate the access to musical professionalization for those interested
  • Promote the youth engagement by encouraging the students to spread knowledge within the community
  • Target Audience
  • Children, adolescents and young people aged 10 to 18


Duration: 6 semesters
Monthly workload: 18 hours per month (4 hours per week of basic program + 2 hours per month of transversal activities).

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