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Quarteirão da Música

Casa Dos Curumin’s music school, Quarteirão da Música, hosts more than a hundred students, children and adolescents, hailing from the suburbs and favelas of Sao Paolo.

In the social context in which it operates, music education offers concrete employment opportunities that translate into a means for which to support families. In São Paulo, young people who have expertise and musical knowledge can play in the bars and restaurants of the city, as well as at events throughout the community: weddings, parties, religious ceremonies and more. In addition, music remains an effective and excellent way to re-engage otherwise disengaged adolescents, who have been desensitized by the violence and poverty in which they’ve grown up in.

The program’s duration is three years and provides a student with basic theoretical and practical musical background that provides him/her with competitive skills and enables him/her to access higher music education in Brazil. Students can choose both their first and second instrument but are required to take music theory, singing and culture classes. Quarteirão da Música offers lessons for a wide range of instruments, including woodwinds, percussion, brass and string. Subject material covered in classes includes the fundamentals of music theory, melodic and rhythmic structuring, developing your musicianship, music history and more. In classes, emphasis is put on Brazilian popular music as well as a range of tasteful international music.

The school, in addition to its class offerings, provides a range of activities such as workshops with popular musicians, fieldtrips to performance venues and to musical events as well as musical and cultural tours and movies on musical history. With the help of FUMCAD -Fundo da Criança e do Adolescente – it has been possible to provide give a high-quality music education to children in an environment where access to culture and education is incredibly limited.

The Quartierão Da Música, established at Casa Dos Curumin’s main facility in 2016, has seen extraordinary growth in the last few years. The music school facility (located next door to Casa Dos Curumin’s primary school) has grown to include a recently-renovated state-of-the-art recording studio, 8 private rooms for individual lessons, 2 additional group spaces for music theory lessons or practicing, and is completed by 2 bathrooms, an office, a kitchen and a courtyard.

Quarteirão da Música Quarteirão da Música
Quarteirão da Música
Quarteirão da Música
Quarteirão da Música

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